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In an industry where client satisfaction is always the priority, we want you to hear what our clients are saying about us.

Aviation Crew Solutions is a well networked and innovative company. They are always implementing the latest techniques for locating and vetting the most qualified air crew. With their honest and candid approach, you can rest assured you will be provided with the information needed to make a great decision on staffing. Keep up the great work ACS!! VR, Chief Pilot Justin M

Kevin Liba is dedicated to identifying appropriate qualified Pilots for our flight department needs. Aviation Crew Solutions is dedicated to providing a high degree of professionalism.


My company needed to find a qualified and competent pilot in a very short amount of time. Within days Kevin had resumes in our hands and the interview process began. We found a great fit for our company and things have worked out perfectly. I would recommend Kevin and Aviation Crew Solutions for all of your crew needs.

by Private G-100

Aviation Crew Solutions demonstrated reliable, professional service beyond expectation.

by Private
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